Lucinda President & Founder


Vampire Realm was established in 1984, and was the very first female owned company in the horror/comic book industry

Lucinda was a pioneer in her industry when she saw a need for all things Gothic and launched Vampire Realm

Lucinda works in film and advertising, while simultaneously heading up Vampire Realm  -- as she jokes 'Vampires Never Sleep'

Lucinda's mantra: 

'"Boost the economy.  

Shop at a fixed location. 

Keep a clerk employed." 

She is a staunch supporter of small businesses, and fixed locations.  She only shops online if there is nowhere else to find what she needs. 

Vampire Realm Forever


Vampire Realm was one of the first businesses to sell merchandise geared to the Gothic realm. 

Continuing on with this same thought process, Vampire Realm Forever was created to fill the homes and closets of those who love quality clothing and home décor.

Vampire Realm Forever is launching a cruelty free line of cosmetics with a focus on eye shadow, lipstick and nail polish

Vampire Realm Forever  will open the  first and only retail store in New York City October 2019

Official site  Vampire Realm Forever

FB : VampireRealmForever

Instagram: VampireRealmForever

Twitter: VampireRealmOui

Pinterest: VampireRealmForever

Eternal Attire Style


Eternal Attire Style is alive!

Delight in drifting off to dreamland in something that conjures up those sensations of another era.

Eternal Attire Style to feature an array of parasols and umbrellas to be used all year long.

Eternal Attire Style will launch in New York City in 2020.


Official sites

FB: EternalAttireStyle

Twitter: EternalAttireSt

Instagram: EternalAttireStyle

Pinterest: EternalAttireStyle

Vampire Realm Corporate Office Mailing Address


Post Office Box 1325

New York, NY 10150-1325


Phone: (310) 325.5666

Members: info@vampirerealm.com

Press: press@vampirerealm.com

Vendors: vendors@vampirerealm.com

Vampire Realm Merchandise

Black Nail Polish


Burberry black  nail polish and many other five star polishes in an array of colours.

Available to members & non-members based on manufacturer.

Vampire Realm Products


Vampire Realm has a complete line of makeup accessories for both Vegans and non-vegans.

Available to members only.

StarBlend™ Cake Makeup


StarBlend™ Cake Makeup is a highly pigmented pressed powder that can be used wet or dry.

Available to members only.

Faux Eyelashes


Flurty Gurl is one of the lines Vampire Realm offers, and has a variety of other wonderful lines to offer members.

Vampire Realm offers these  lashes  to members only

Asian Skin Products


Japanese rice soap for the most exquisite skin.

Vampire Realm offers these divine products to members only

Urban Decay Lipsticks


Urban Decay Lipsticks are of the best quality.

Vampire Realm has a limited quantity. available to members only

Limited Stock on Ltd. Editions

Freak by Illamasqua


The first fragrance from Illamasqua, Freak is a concoction of dangerously exotic unconventional flowers that Illamasqua has unashamedly blended together to celebrate the night. See the ingredients tab for the key notes of the Freak scent.

Vampire Realm offers this  limited eduition product to members only

Halloween by Jes'us Del Pozo


Halloween by Jesus Del Pozo is a feminine scent that is sharp and flowery. This fresh fragrance is ideal for daytime wear.  Top Notes: Violet, green lime and green banana

Vampire Realm offers this product to members only.

Reminiscent by Lola Goth


Much loved fragrance that was discontinued, Vampire Realm has a limited stock available.

Vampire Realm offers this product to members only

Promote current deals


Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

GHD Gothic Style Flat Iron


#Vampire #Realm has a limited selection of this #gothic #purple and #black style #flatiron from @ghdhair that is sold through our #membersonly #newsletter & will be sold at @eternalattirestyle & @vampirerealmforever retail location when launched in #NYC #NY #hairproduct



World-renowned Paperself eyelashes are always a delight at any event.

Vampire Realm offers these  lashes  to members only

Limited Edition Merchandise

Serge Lutens Perfume


De Profundis Serge Lutens perfume - a fragrance for everyone …

De Profundis, unlike its dark promotional prose, is not a dark fragrance. It is another member of the ethereal floral family of Serge Lutens creations.

Vampire Realm has a limited stock, and all orders are subject to prior sale

Hidden behind the curtain …


New and limited edition merchandise coming to the Vampire Realm emporium soon 

Hidden behind the curtain …


New and limited edition merchandise coming to the Vampire Realm emporium soon 

Hidden behind the curtain …


New and limited edition merchandise coming to the Vampire Realm emporium soon 

Hidden behind the curtain …


New and limited edition merchandise coming to the Vampire Realm emporium soon 

Hidden behind the curtain …


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