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Film Reviews

The House at the End of Time (2013)


The House at the End of Time  (2013) (Spanish Title: La casa del fin de los tiempos) is a Venezuelan horror film directed by Alejandro Hidalgo.  

The House at the End of Time is one of the most exquisite gothic films of this generation.  The story moves smoothly and keeps the viewer captivated.  The ending is wonderful. 

The plus side: There is little to no gore.  Intelligent dialogue. 

Sensational directing. Wonderful acting, and brilliant casting.

The downside: There is none

Language: Spanish with subtitles in other languages.

Perfect Creature (2006)


Perfect Creature (2006) is one of New Zealand's first vampire films ventures.  

The vampire myth is given a stylish 1960s treatment, where a human cop partners with a vampire cop to stop a vamp bent on creating a war between the two "separate but equal" races.

Vampire Realm Staff highly recommends this production with 5 stars. The production quality is stunning, and storyline is easy to follow.

Upside: Cinematogrpahy is superb, and wardrobe, hair and makeup are terrific. The writers and cast do a terrific job in making the characters feel real and not stayed or boring.

Downside: It was never made into a series. The script is a tad bit predictable but still a great watch. 

Language: English (New Zealand)

Night Watch (2004 film)


Night Watch (2004 film) is is the first part of a duology followed up with Day Watch (2006) of this fabulous Russian film package.

Night Watch is a highly stylish, and extremely gritty crime drama with supernatural creatures and goings on.  A fast moving thriller for any fan of foreign films.  If you are keen on films with a great storyline, and are able to enjoy it with subtitles - this is a winner!

Night Watch (Russian: Ночной Дозор, Nochnoy Dozor) is a 2004 Russian urban fantasy supernatural thriller film written by Timur Bekmambetov and Laeta Kalogridis and directed by Timur Bekmambetov. It is loosely based on the novel The Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko.  

Language: Russian with subtitles in a variety of languages

Imagine the Dreams Documentary (2020)


Imagine the Dreams documentary explores Pop Culture in the comic book industry and how artists share words of wisdom for aspiring artists. And fans share what it means to them to be part of the exciting and mysterious Cosplay community. 

It is currently in editing and post production status.  

The Producers have been approached by a major network to produce an ongoing series as a spin off.  

Stay Tuned for future announcements on release of documentary and signing of the series.

Language: English (British & American), Spanish (European), French (European) with subtitles in various languages

Social Media

FB: ImagineTheDreams

Twitter: @DreamsImagined

Pinterest: ImagineTheDreams

Instagram: imaginethedreamsfilm


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Streaming & TV Series Reviews

Cirque Du Freak Series by Darren Shan


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Ultraviolet (1998) Series


Ultraviolet (1998) was a United Kingdom television series written and directed by Joe Ahearne and starring  Jack Davenport, Susannah Harker, Idris Elba and Philip Quast

The music was composed and performed by Sue Hewitt.

Sensational series that aired on British Channel 4, about vampires and hunters with a sci-fi twist.  The series gave the world a first glimpse at acting sensation Idris Alba.

Upside: Great writing, terrific casting, and fabulous cinematography.

Downside: The series ended too soon with only one series.  

Language: English (British)

Blood Drive (2017) Series


Blood Drive created by James Roland is a twisted and very gory series that exists in an alternative universe.

In a dystopian alternate 1999, a former cop is forced to take part in a death race in which cars run on human blood as fuel.

Warning: Very Gory, Graphic Sex, and Strong Language.  So if this isn't your thing - we suggest to move on. 

Upside: Very well written, exquisite wardrobe, hair and makeup. The cinematography is stunning.

Downside: The series only had one season with 13 episodes. 

Language: English (American)

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Young Dracula (2006 -2014)


Young Dracula is a British children's horror, dramatic comedy television series which aired on CBBC, loosely based on Young Dracula a children's book by Michael Lawrence is brilliant. This is a sensational series for parents who want their children' to grow up with something fun, twisted, and demented in a kind way.

Upside: Great cast, brilliant writing, stunning wardrobe and sets, with terrific hair and makeup.

Single dad Count Dracula moves to modern-day Britain from Transylvania with his two children, Vlad and Ingrid. To his father's horror, Vlad - the show's eponymous hero - wants not to bite, but rather to fit in with his new-found British friends, but it's not easy when you are one of the undead.

Downside: It ended to soon, and not enough episodes were filmed for future generations to watch. The final episode aired on 31 March 2014.

Language: English (British)

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Book & Novel Reviews

Cirque Du Freak Series by Darren Shan


Cirque Du Freak Series is a must have in any library! Author Darren Shan has outdone himself.

Complete 12 Book Collection

  • Killers of the Dawn
  • Lord of the Shadows
  • Trials of Death
  • Sons of Destiny
  • Living Nightmare
  • Vampire's Assistant
  • Tunnels of Blood
  • Vampire Prince
  • Hunters of the Dusk

The perfect starter series for young readers, that will delight older readers as well

Darren Shan is a master storyteller

Dracula (1897) by Bram Stoker


Dracula (1897) by Abraham "Bram" Stoker (8 Nov 1847 – 20 April 1912) is one of the best known fictional versions of a vampire.  Dracula is very well written and should be required reading for almost every young person today who enjoys a great piece of Gothic literature.

Hundreds of movies have been produced based on Bram Stoker's novel.

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The Vampyre by John William Polidori (1819)

A classic tale in every sense that no library should be without.  If you are a lover of Vampire mythology and lore - this is a five star publication.

Dr. Polidori's The Vampyre is probably the first complete vampire story published in the UK.  John William Polidori was the personal physician of Lord Byron in 1816. Lord Byron later served as inspiration for Dr. Polidori’s vampire (christened Ruthven after the Byron-analogue in Glenavon, Lady Caroline Lamb’s roman à clef about her affair with the poet). The Vampyre was also based on an unfinished fragment written by Lord  Byron. 

Dr. Polidori's literary works were immortalized in Ken Russel's film Gothic (1986)

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The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead by J. Gordon Melton is in it's 4th update.

This book has been referred to as the ultimate collection of vampire facts and fiction.  It includes death and immortality, sexual prowess and surrender, intimacy and alienation, rebellion and temptation.  

The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead is  a fun piece to add to any library.

John Gordon Melton is an American religious scholar who was the founding director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion and is currently the Distinguished Professor of American Religious History with the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, where he resides.  Dr. Melton is the author of more than fifty books and numerous scholarly articles and papers.

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Comic Book & Graphic Novel Reviews

Vampironica (2018)


Vampironica is out for tor blood as an Archie Horror series from writers Greg & Megan Smallwood.

Riverdale’s resident rich girl Veronica Lodge is turned into a vampire by another blood sucker hundreds of years her senior. Forced to contend with this new, radical transformation, Veronica must deal with the prospect of feeding on her own small-town cohorts

American Vampire (Vertigo)


American Vampire (2013 - 2016) is an American Eisner Award-winning comic book series created by writer Scott Snyder and drawn by artist Rafael Albuquerque.

American Vampire is graphic, and stunning.  For fans of ultra graphic novels with extreme detail, this is the series to sink your teeth into.

John Carpenter's Tales For A Halloween Night Series


From John Carpenter, the man who brought you the cult classic horror film Halloween and all of the scares beyond comes the ultimate graphic novel anthology of tales to warm your toes by on a dark and stormy October night! Carpenter brings together storytellers from the worlds of movies, novels and comics for a collection of tales featuring graveyards, sunken ships, creepy crawlers and ghosts to haunt your dreams at night!

Damn Nation (2005)


Damn Nation is a three-issue horror comic book mini-series published by Dark Horse Comics in 2005 and written by Andrew Cosby with artwork from Jason Shawn Alexander.

This wonderful series warrants mentioning, even though it's not a new release.  If you haven't had a change to check it out, now is a great time to enjoy.

A film adaptation was announced by Paramount Pictures in 2009, to be written by Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz; as of 2015, however, it has not been produced.



#PORTLAND, OR, 07/18/2017 — Cassie Hack is returns in Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash: RESURRECTION with Tini Howard as the series’ new writer and artists Celor and K. Michael Russel.

 In HACK/SLASH: RESURRECTION, Cassie’s been living off the grid, but when a new monstrous threat arises to torment promiscuous teens, it's time for Cassie to pick up the baseball bat once again!

For more information, visit

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Gaming Reviews

Code Vein (2018)


Code Vein released September 2018. 

Bandai Namco has also announced a collector’s edition of  Code Vein is available for players.  In it, players will find the base game, an exclusive 17cm figurine of Mia Karnstein with her deadly Blood Veil, digital content with access to the original soundtrack, a digital art book, and in-game customization sets for the players. The collector’s edition of the game is also available for preorder now.

Alice: Madness Returns (2011)


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