Enter our gates. We know you're dying to join us …

Membership has its priveledges

Celebrate all things vampire and enter our dark realm of the Vampire and take the plunge into eternal existence for what some deem as exile - rejoice, and indulge your inner flame and allow it to grow ...  

 Cross the bridge into a realm of pure delight and satisfy your nocturnal desires ...

Vampires Unite!

Vampires! They Do Exist!

Established in 1984, Vampire Realm is the world's largest and oldest organization of its kind.

Beware of Imitations!


Three Tiers of Membership to Choose From

One (1) Year Membership

One Year Members Receive:

  • One (1) laminated photo ID card
  • One (1) personalized parchment paper certificate
  • Discounts at participating retail locations worldwide
  • The Jugular a quarterly newsletter mailed via US Postal service first class for one year.
  • VEIN - Vampire Correspondence Network
  • Submission forms to submit creations to be published in The Jugular


Five (5) Year Membership

Five (5) year members receive same as one (1) year members, plus:

Choice of:

  • One (1) black t-shirt coffee mug with Vampire Realm drippy blood logo on it. 


  • One (1) coffee mug with Vampire Realm drippy blood logo on it. 


Lifetime* Membership

Lifetime* Members receive same as one (1) and five (5) year members - but instead of a black t-shirt or coffee mug - lifetime members get both - plus:

  • One (1) 100% cotton shopping bag with the Vampire Realm logo on the side.
  • Two (2) limited edition items to choose from that only 'Lifetime Members' can get their fangs into. 
  • Domestic/US shipping is included for limited edition items with this offer.
  • International shipping on limited edition items are paid for by Member

(*Lifetime is a mortal lifetime or up to 20 years which ever ends first)


Membership Renewals are at a reduced annual rate


Replacement photo ID cards are available for a small fee plus postage and handling



Vampire Realm Does Not Email Applications

Vampire Realm loves our members, and want to keep the tradition of handwritten applications and letters sent through the post alive.

For your application, to cover postage and handling, send US $1.00 from the US Postal Office or 3 I.R.C.s per application you are requesting.

Money orders made payable to 'Vampire Realm'

Personal cheques are not accepted.

PayPal is not accepted for applications.

Vampire Realm

Post Office Box 231313 - Dept. 13

New York, NY 10023-0022


Phone: (310) 925-5666


* London * Berlin * Paris * Beverly Hills * New York  *

Vampire Realm / PO Box 231313 / New York, NY 10023-0022 / U.S. Office: 1+ 310.925.5666